Friday, November 13, 2009

Open source participation in Asia be encouraged

This week, I've attended two open source related events here in
Singapore, they are Professors' Open Source Summer Experience
asia-pacific sponsored by Redhat, and Singapore Ruby Brigade (SRB),
that gathering location near Boat Quay is also wego's working offices;

The SRB was apparently more technical-centric and a good event for
hackers and real developers like me; some speaker talked about the
ruby rails cucumber, its new Behavior Driven Development (BDD), and
everyday git working flow, someone still think subversion is better,
but have a consensus that CVS is horrible, and outdated. After that
event, we all also had another meal of refreshments and walked
alongside the bank of Singapore river, talking more about ruby and
open source, their application status in Singapore and in the whole
south-east Asia; and, there were some students from,
certainly linux is also another topic of discussion. Comparing to
China, open source and linux adoption here is also very limited, the
open source guys circle here is also small, one of them told me, "I
almost know every linux people here;" so you can imagine how large it
is. We supposed kinds of scenarios for firms' linux adoption, but
maybe the significant factor here is decision-maker's thoughts, who
knew them? From the long queue outside the M$'s shop for its new
production arrival last month, in my opinion they were just wasting
money; and from this perspective we know that open source here in sg,
in southeast-asia, the whole asia, still has a long way to go. Or we
can express the future in our optimistic way: "Open source here is
very promising, and has more tremendous potential".

But what a pity, my digital camera is broken several months ago when
still in China, I didn't take any photos for these wonderful events.
Besides when in the Riverside Point, the photographer staff of redhat
had taken many photo for all teachers form all corners of Asia, maybe
we can watch them several days later. And another camera for myself is
also critical, I shouldn't miss any important following days, but
separate camera with 1200M better or just a smart phone (5M+ pixels)?
who knows, still in consideration.

Maybe in the end, you need more introductions about these two kind of companies,
You don't know redhat? That's unplausible;
You don't know wego? Maybe, it's a travel search engine, enjoy your
good experience with it (

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