Friday, January 08, 2010

Samsung Developer Night

Samsung Developer Night, tonight, was really more like a social event, while some people there may be real developers, I've chatted with some of them, really exciting technology;

The first session is about SAMSUNG's own app store, while with this business model, I can say nothing about it, apple iphone has done it successfully, that does not mean every one can copy this model, SAMSUNG as a role of independent mobile phone producer, who can  predict its success, I have a lot of doubt, but inappropriate in event like this, especially sponsorred by samsung, i have enjoyed good drinks and a fairly good dinner here, so let's just skip this;

Our real focus is on the samsung's new smartphone os project, Bada system, as illustrated in speaker's slides, Bada has its own kernel (maybe linux or other real-time kernel?), and its own graphical interface(maybe recently sponsored project, enlightenment, or e17 ?), after the topics speach, I asked questions with samsung staff, got positive replies, so it's true; I recall the Linux-based mobile/netbook project, there are already Linux Mortorola, Android by Google, Moblin by Intel, Mameo by Nokia, and alread cancelled OpenMoko project, hope there will be more and more linux based mobile os, everyone has the potential development power can hold such a system, samsung is just one of them, almost all pre-existing samsung smartphone are win based, some other symbian, some other Android, it just want more control on source os level software, but unfortunately it's still controlled by others, so it's the intention of Bad;

Documents showed that first real Bada would be coming in Mobile World Congress 2010, Bacelona, who cares?

Some friend just heard this named it's bad a thing, pronounces badly, but in fact, accroding to its official explaination, Bada means ocean in Korean, which we know little about, right? So it's just a name, let's keep interests on what can be done through Bada;

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